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Adi Parashakti - Maa Durga

Experience the grandeur of Maa Durga and celebrate her divine aura with an exclusive podcast presented by Radio City that explores the significance of Navratri. Each of the nine days of this auspicious festival is marked by a unique swaroop of the goddess, and in this podcast, we bring you nine distinct episodes dedicated to each of them. Join us as we delve deeper into the enigmatic world of Adi Parashakti - Maa Durga, and listen to this exclusive podcast, only on Radio City.

Episodes : 13

Sampurna Swasthya Ki Baat - Patanjali

Welcome to the Sampurna Swasthya Ki Baat Podcast with Acharya Balkrishna and RJ Pankaj Jeena! In this podcast, we discuss everything related to health and wellness, and provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to achieve optimum health.

Episodes : 9

Dashanan Ravan

Dashanan Ravan is an exciting podcast series that offers a unique perspective on one of the most intriguing figures in Hindu mythology. This podcast delves into the untold and fascinating stories and incidents surrounding Ravan, the legendary king of Lanka. The series aims to shed light on the lesser-known aspects of Ravan's life and bring to the forefront his captivating personality, making it a must-listen for all mythology enthusiasts. With its engaging narration and thought-provoking content, Dashanan Ravan promises to be a journey of discovery and enlightenment. So, if you're ready to learn about Ravan in a way you've never heard before, tune in to Dashanan Ravan today!

Episodes : 9

English Talking with VP Murari

English is a very funny language. The word spells something, while it is pronounced something else. Listen to the satirical podcast by VP Murari who dissects English and adds some laughter on your work-loaded days. Listen to VP Murari only on Radio City.

Episodes : 40

Pareshan Hoon Main

A satirical take on everyday situations, Pareshaan Hoon Main is a podcast that every typical Indian man will relate to. A blend of fun and sarcasm, listen to Pareshaan Hoon Main only on Radio City.

Episodes : 35

Lingo Leela

Wanting to learn Kannada but having trouble dissecting the language? Why worry when Lingo Leela is here! Breaking down some common phrases of Kannada, Leela is here to explain you the basics of the langauge. A Radio City exclusive, when in doubt make Lingo Leela your go-to podcast for learning Kannada.

Episodes : 37

Sohail Khan Fans, We Dare You To Identify The Names Of His Movies By Looking At These Pictures

Sohail Khan Fans, We Dare You To Identify The Names Of His Movies By Looking At These Pictures


 Only A True Karan Wahi Fan Can Guess This Quiz Right

Only A True Karan Wahi Fan Can Guess This Quiz Right


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